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Yungas Carnival

Every year in January the Yungas Carnival is celebrated in the province of Jujuy,Argentina.
In the small town of Calilegua, located on the shores of the thick cloud forest of Jujuy, the Colla-GuaranĂ­ community unearths the carnival under their customs.
The unearthing is a ceremonial and sacred event that takes place under a tree chosen by the community, which represents the Pachamama mother earth.
The community offers at the foot of the tree and adorns it with basil and a mixture of confetti and talcum powder. Then dance around celebrating for its fruits representing the entire harvest. This dance is part of the ancient fertility cult with which the ancient races thanked nature for its generous gifts.
Under the tree they say, everything one has in the heart is offered to satisfy the earth and obtain good harvests in the coming year.
The children participate with masks that they themselves create to dance to the rhythm of the pin pin, evoking and celebrating the spirit of the ancestors who belonged to a sacred space and time.