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Hierve la sangre


Since ancient times occur in the Andes encounters rituals of offering to earth to satisfy their gods. In several of the meetings in the region, the offering to Mother Earth it is with human blood.
One of the most striking encounters is the Chiaraje offering, which has the peculiarity of facing two brother villages on a battlefield.

The confrontation it's made by through stones thrown with slings, called Huaracas and occurs every January 20, on the top of a mountain at more than 5600 meters above sea level, where they limit the territories of Checca and Quehue and maintain the tradition in essence to this day.

Different versions of the conception coexist in its history. For some participants this meeting is taken as a game, for others it is a deeply rooted religious ritual left by their ancestors who were trained by the indigenous leader Tupac Amaru, whom they considered the strongest warriors in the entire Inca empire.

Thus, the winner will be the one who manages to make his opponent bleed more and thus fertilize the land with spilled blood. Whoever wins will get good harvests. The loser will have to hope for better luck the following year.


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